Todd D. Utley                        Current Position: President(12-15-03)         Company: Anderson Custom Electronics Inc.

38 Western Blvd.

Anderson IN 46013               Home Phone: 765-623-5745     Work Phone: 765-640-0348     E-mail: toddutley@acetroncorp.com

Objective:              Contribute my diverse skills and experience to the ongoing success of a quality company, while continuing the growth of my professional career.

Education:              ASEET @ ITT Technical Institute             Industrial Manufacturing Course Work @ Ball State University

Primary Areas of Knowledge:
Electro-Mechanical Product Development, Electronic Circuit Design, Printed Circuit Design Schematic and Blue Print Reading, Print Design, Layout, and Reading, Electronic and Mechanical Test Fixturing, Injection Molding, Ultrasonic Welding, Lathe Operations, Milling Operations, Welding Operations, Assembly Methods

Accomplished Software:      Electronics Workbench Circuit Design/Multi-Sim yUlti-board PCB layout and 3-D viewer yAuto-Cad y

MS Excel yMS Word yPower Point yLavenier Gerber Viewer yHTML yFTP yNumerous Text and Photo Editors

Work Experience:

July 1997 to December 2003: Engineering Manager @ Riverside Mfg., Inc.

Responsibilities:      Oversee the Engineering Department yParticipate in the Engineering Processes yOversee New Product Development yWork closely with the Mechanical Engineering Department yElectrical Design and Troubleshooting ySchematic and PCB design yProduct Development yTroubleshoot and solve Manufacturing Problems

Accomplishments: Successfully managed the Engineering Department while carrying a heavy personal engineering load ySupervised the

Development and implementation of many Test Fixtures, Products, and Electronic Designs yIdentified and corrected problems with Manufacturing Processes, Cost Reduction, and Ease of Assembly

October 1995 to July 1997: Dynamometer Lab Technician @ Delphi Engine & Energy Management Systems

Responsibilities:     Dyne Project installation yData acquisition yOperations yCalibration of Tachometers and Torque Transducers y

Accomplishments: Maintained, modified, and upgraded the Development Dyne and Supporting Hardware yDesigned and implemented the upgrade of Thermocouple Hardware yModified the Dyne Software to accommodate Hardware Upgrades yAssisted Engineers in the removal and replacement of the Dyne Drive Systems yEngineered and implemented a new Dyne Control Panel and Emergency Stop System yTrained new employees yAuthored Dyne Operations and Calibration Manual

October 1994 to October 1995: Customer Service Engineer @ Sensormatic Electronics Corporation.

Responsibilities:     Schedule installation of RF, Magnetic, and Video Enhanced Loss Prevention systems yTrain contractors to

Install, tune, and test systems on the job site yTrain store management to operate, program, and edit the control software for the systems at their location

Accomplishments: Developed an outstanding reputation with clients by providing excellent service and upgrades for their systems ySupervised the first installation and beta testing of the Video Manager-8 Touch Tracker Video Surveillance System which uses High Speed 360 Degree Zoom Cameras and a Track Ball Mouse like Device, this security system was used at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia to insure the safety of the athletes and guest


September 1992 to October 1994: Self Employed @ Auto Repair Business / Full time Student @ ITT Technical Institute

Responsibilities:     Major Engine Overhaul yTune-ups yElectrical Troubleshooting yReplace Brake and Suspension Components yReplace and service Air Conditioning Systems

Accomplishments: Successfully owned and operated an Auto Repair Business while attending College full time yAchieved two Perfect Attendance Awards yTwo Highest Honors Awards yTwo Honors Awards yGraduated with an Overall G.P.A. of 3.5 yConstructed FM radio project which ITT purchased to display in the main lobby yDesigned and constructed an Electromechanical Device, which robotically separated Marbles by color for my Final Project, which ITT also purchased to use as an Example for other students

October 1990 to October 1992: Maintenance Manager/Electrical Technician @ Indiana Tool and Mfg. Inc.

Responsibilities:     Organization, and Inventory of the Maintenance Department yPreventive maintenance, Tear down and Rebuild of approximately thirty machining centers yelectrical and mechanical troubleshooting and repair ynew machining center installations and electrical buss duct installation y

Accomplishments: Successfully maintained numerous machining centers while keeping the inventory current, yContinually improved the overall mechanical and electrical integrity of the machines in an effort to decrease downtime and increase production

October 1988 to October 1990: Machinist @ Indiana Tool and Mfg. Inc.

Responsibilities:     CNC turret lathe operations y CNC drills setup and operation y Gear Hob and Shaper Cutter setup and operation y Broaching operations y Gear Shaver setup and operation y Gear Inspection Machine setup and operation (lead and involute) y Helical and Spur Gear Profile grinding setup and operation y Tapping Machines setup and operation.

Accomplishments: Successfully mastered many skills within the Machinist Trade

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