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Anderson Custom Electronics LED Modules
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ledsample2 This piece is just a simple demo board that we etched up in our lab using a GC kit. We laid this out to show one of our customers how powerful the Luxeon K2 series emitters really are. We often do our own two sided boards for testing circuits and verifying layouts before sending off to the PCB house. This helps find errors and make mechanical placement tweaks. One in house "etch and build" like this can save thousands on your first real production run.


This product incorporates a thick heat sink which is attached to the pcb with stainless steel hardware and thermal transfer resin. This setup keeps the assembly running cool even when driven to a full 1.5 amps. This is used by SWAT, Police, and Military Personel in a complete system known as the "Bat Light" which we produce for Baker Bat Shield. It produces output up to 15 Watts. This thing will blow out the back of your retinas at 30 feet! The unusual optics are made by Ledil of Finland (which we distribute). This arrangement provides an extreme wide angle horizontal light pattern combined with an oval spot. This provides very good peripheral illumination and the oval spot provides some vertical illumination for seeing the ground and ceiling or dangers above your head. When clearing a building this lamp will completely illuminate rooms on the left and right as you are passing by them without having to turn towards them at all, it has a 160 degree veiwing angle!

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