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View, Browse, and Download the complete Cooper Crouse-Hinds Catalog Here

Section G, Guide
Index Guide.pdf

Section F
pages 3-16.pdf 1F Conduit Outlet Bodies
pages 17-19.pdf 2F Cast Outlet Boxes
pages 21-45.pdf 3F Cast Device Boxes
pages 47-60.pdf 4F Conduit Outlet Boxes and Bodies
pages 61-110.pdf 5F Cable and Cord Fittings
pages 111-161.pdf 6F Junction Boxes
pages 163-179.pdf 7F Elbows, Couplings, Grounding Devices, Plugs, Etc.
pages 181-196.pdf 8F Seals, Breathers and Drains

Section CP
pages 197-266.pdf CP Commercial Products
pages 267-322.pdf CP Myers Hubs

Section C
pages 325-339.pdf 1C Combination Motor Starters
pages 341-361.pdf 2C Motor Starters
pages 363-382.pdf 3C Circuit Breakers
pages 383-425.pdf 4C Control Stations
pages 427-443.pdf 5C Factory Sealed Control Devices
pages 445-465.pdf 6C Technical Data
pages 467-476.pdf 7C Switch Rack Assemblies
pages 481-504.pdf 8C Intrinsically Safe

Section A
pages 504-541.pdf 1A Panel Boards Hazardous and Non Hazardous
pages 543-562.pdf 2A Switches
pages 563-578.pdf 3A Signals and Alarms
pages 579-593.pdf 4A Instruments

Section N
pages 597-659.pdf N Corrosion Resistant Products

Section L
pages 663-689.pdf L Industrial Lighting
pages 691-707.pdf 1L Incandescent Fixtures
pages 709-720.pdf 2L Incandescent Fixtures
pages 721-778.pdf 3L H.I.D. Lighting
pages 779-800.pdf 4L H.I.D. Fixtures
pages 801-808.pdf 5L Champ Induction Lighting
pages 809-863.pdf 6L Fluorescents
pages 865-982.pdf 7L Floodlights
pages 893-911.pdf 8L Lighting Accessories
pages 913-922.pdf 9L Portable Lighting
pages 923-937.pdf 10L Emergency Lighting
pages 939-950.pdf 11L Beacons and Strobes
pages 951-958.pdf 12L Speciality

Section P
pages 963-997.pdf 1P Back Boxes for Heavy Duty Plugs and Receptacles
pages 999-1013.pdf 2P Heavy Duty Plugs and Receptacles
pages 1015-1037.pdf 3P Interlocked Plugs and Receptacles w/circuit breakers
pages 1039-1062.pdf 4P Industrial Heavy Duty Plugs and Receptacles (hazardous)
pages 1063-1077.pdf 5P IEC 309 Plugs, Receptacles, Interlocks
pages 1079-1081.pdf 6P Wiring Devices with Covers
pages 1083-1089.pdf 7P Retracting Cord and Cable Reels
pages 1091-1109.pdf 8P Special Purpose Plugs and Receptacles

Signals and Alarms
pages 1119-1203.pdf Signals and Alarms

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